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Trends in Kitchenware

Posted on December 17, 2011 by admin There have been 0 comments

A long time ago, kitchenware and tableware were mostly created to satisfy practicality. Appearances were regular, if not, somewhat dull, but since people preferred function over form, then it wasn't difficult for manufacturers to decide which of the two should be used.

However, this isn't the case today. Modern lifestyles have changed, giving way for globalization to occur. Today, culture is becoming more expansive, with people forming new ties and merging together to form a new, diversified way of living. This has created a strong impact on how people purchase kitchenware--and manufacturers are smart enough to incorporate these demands in creating housewares. Consequently, new trends have formed from all these changes.

What are some of some of these trends? They include the following:

The New Look of Tableware

Shape has made a large transition in tableware, and the usual round or square plates just don't hold enough weight as it once did. The mixture of cultural traditions has made them more adaptive to the meal or dish being served; and it's not unusual to find assymetric bowls that are designed to hold more liquids; or dishes especially made for side dishes and sauces.

The New Look of Eating

The exposure to global cuisine has made people more aware of the cultural differences in eating; and many have even come so far as to adapt some of these to their own way of eating as well. Now, families go out and eat in other living spaces and not just the dining tables, a move influenced by Asian culture. This means that manufacturers are now creating kitchenware that can be used outside the dining table, such as the living room or dining room. Cookware will also create a shift from the usual kitchen use to a other room uses as well.

The New Look of Color

White and Black will have new competitors: Bright and Bold Colors. Lemon yellow and apple green are in; and so are pinks, reds and berry colors. New shades will continually spring out, and lagoon blue is one of those shades that are starting to become very popular right now.

The New Look of Cutlery

Cutlery will now benefit from the new technologies in the auto industry. Their major discoveries in producing metal finishes will now be incorporated in steelware as well, so it's not going to be surprising to see a lot of black-surfaced cutlery instead of the traditional silver finishes.

The New Look of Cookware

Silicone is gaining popularity in cookware. They will be valued for their noise suppression features, their insulating abilities, and most especially their heat resistance capability. It will not be surprising to see them a part of the regular pots and pans that are used by families in the future.



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