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Become an eValuestores Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the eValuestores vendor community.  eValuestores is a leading edge online retail storefront with a focus on delivering the most sought-after consumer lifestyle products at a price point that everyone can live with, while never forgetting the value of providing excellent customer service on the lifetime retention of consumers.  We have built our foundation for success based upon offering quality products and low prices while not compromising customer service.

We’re looking for vendors with exceptional consumer product offerings that fit well within the taxonomy of our current product offerings.

Which vendors make good candidates for eValuestores?

Vendors that offer unique quality products that fit within our current taxonomy of product offerings. As you’ll notice by browsing our product offerings on the site, we carry a wide range of personal lifestyle offerings from pet and office supplies, kitchen accessories, personal grooming supplies, travel accessories and luggage, home furnishings and so much more.  Even if you don’t see anything on our site that matches your offerings, if you have a product line that you think fits well within the scheme of eValuestores’ overall product line, please don’t hesitate to contact us about your products so we can determine if they are appropriate for inclusion in our site catalog.

How do I apply to become an eValuestores vendor?

We’ve tried to make the process as straightforward as possible to apply to become an eValuestores vendor, simply send an email to along with your complete company contact information, product catalog, and price list to help us determine if your products are a good fit for our company.

*Please note that eValuestores’ vendor guidelines require vendors to fully understand and comply with all applicable United States laws and regulations concerning the sale of all products.